Daelibs Workforce Guidance
Workforce Guidance connects buildings and occupants
Award winning unified platform
Daelibs Workforce Guidance transforms organisations from the traditional reactive and labour-intensive model into highly predictive, automated and intelligent operations.

Our platform minimises the friction in getting information where it needs to go through friendly and simple interactive devices or fully automated sensor driven condition monitoring.

Workforce Guidance can connect to any sensor, third party system, or BIMS to provide a single console while maintaining information privacy between all parties.

A single platform captures the complete picture to deliver a wealth of information regarding the use of precincts, the people that service them, along with real time user sentiment.
Workforce Guidance can track millions of data points in real time. This allows the platform to geolocate service provision team members at the same time as monitoring activity and conditions throughout a precinct.

The engine evaluates this data and makes lighting fast decisions to dispatch the closest qualified team member within the blink of an eye.

By selectively and clinically dispatching tasks directly to service provision team members, Workforce Guidance empowers your business to deliver extremely rapid, highly attentive service.

Workforce Guidance can supplement other operational needs through the Daelibs suite of plugins such as compliance, timesheeting, OHS, and waste weighing, to name a few.
Daelibs Workforce Guidance Benefits
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Information collected is intelligently delivered contextually to eliminate noise and confusion. Quickly conveys situational intelligence to all parties.

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IoT technology gives facilities a voice, eliminating hundreds of man hours each day.

Addresses issues at the onset before they have the opportunity to compound and become bigger, expensive problems.

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Facilities can now reach out to the appropriate person triggered by an event the moment action is required.

This results in concise, rapid dispatch in the fastest, most efficient manner.

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Smart buildings and assets deliver information directly to your team, with our automated services keeping track of work carried out and ensuring everything is addressed.

Reduce the time and physical energy spent multitasking and looking for the next task and your people will work faster, at a higher level – for longer periods of time.

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Integrates comprehensive WHS features including duress alarm, lone worker and man down monitoring, capable of ASIAL level 1 standards.

Ensures your personnel have up to date qualifications with certification currency monitoring.

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Introduces predictive maintenance rather than preventative maintenance.

Less maintenance effort, less plant down time, early issue detection, reduced repair bills.

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Military grade, ruggedised devices with PTToC, messaging, live tracking, access to standard operating procedures, task lists and more. Keeps your business communicating, the smart way.

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Future proofs your business with verification of service, maintenance and safety records, as well as trend analytics that empower you to improve operations.

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One cloud-hosted, help desk supported platform keeps track of everything. Eliminates the need for multiple systems and devices and IT personnel dependencies.

Attendance verification

For contract compliance, both visitation frequency and duration are monitored.

Daelibs watches every location in your portfolio to remind your workforce when visitation windows are closing – allowing your workforce to take self-action and service the location to comply with KPIs.

This invaluable tool has seen many customers at least double their performance rating time and again.

Live status and location maps

Live tracking both indoor (multi level), outdoor, and even underground presented as a graphical map interface depictingsite schematics along with IoT endpoints.

Quickly find anyone using the quick search function to have the map interface zoom and centre to for simple and rapid locating.

Layers allow you to hide any superfluous noise and see only pertinent information regarding. For example, if you want to examine only infrastructure, assets and plant and suspend any personnel, you can show or hide the corresponding layers in seconds. Different entities are identified with unique glyphs and colours.

Work Orders and Standard Operating Procedures

To ensure workers carry out tasks as per standards, our system detects the current location and automatically provides relevant Standard Operating Procedures.

Work Orders can also be dispatched – along with simple to use forms to ensure that your workforce is delivering complete and thorough service.

Delivering timely, contextual information automatically provides invaluable assurance that your staff are providing safe, superior service.

Hardware versatility
Cutting edge

For industry leading tech, we’ve partnered with Hytera to offer a radio solution boasting DMR, LTE, TETRA along with all of the OMNI features. For Emergency services, cutting edge critical communication over LTE is catered for.

Commercial grade – purpose built

For a tailored solution without the Hybrid Tech, we offer commercial quality purpose built hardware. If you are still looking at PTT we can incorporate Push to Talk over Cell along with the real time IoT workforce automation and OHS functionality.

Domestic – Mobile devices

If you have mobile devices in use by your work force then we still cater for you. Perhaps you are looking to minimise hardware costs or have a BYOD policy? No problem. We offer solutions for all these scenarios with a downloadable app with all the features. Even in the absence of dedicated buttons, we still offer PTTOC and OHS functions.

IoT automated dispatch and alerts

OMNI FM reaches out to the appropriate person the moment an event requires a response. This is achieved through our real time alerts dispatch. Once dispatched, OMNI FM continues to monitor jobs and update the status until the task is completed. All tasks can be monitored and managed from the comprehensive dashboard.

Common IoT sensors used by our customers include:

  • Proximity detection
  • Door counter (toilet cubicle)
  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Water detection (flooding)
  • Distance (bin sensor)
Real time safety alerts

Your biggest asset is your people. OMNI gives you best of breed technology to ensure they are safe and always have a lifeline.

OMNI lone worker, man down and duress alarms are used on Australian Defence Force sites, measuring up to the most stringent standards.

Gyroscopic sensors detect movement, not attitude of device like many other systems.

PTToC allows communications from anywhere with mobile phone towers, without relying on traditional repeaters or radios being in range.

We don’t use primitive SMS communication to raise alerts, removing the uncertainty around timely delivery for what could be a life critical dispatch for emergency assistance. We ensure our devices are online and able to send an alert when its needed with a constant data connection to our monitoring centre. We even support Tier 1 services capable of operating in disaster scenarios.

Ensure compliance with our certification registry

Ensure your workers are up to date with certifications with the certification registry.

Once captured by the system, OMNI keeps track and reminds you and your personnel when renewals are due.

Expiration of mandatory certifications will prevent user from clocking on to devices and using the system.

Service verification

OMNI captures millions of events and stores the information to ISO global standards – allowing you to produce retrospective reports for up to seven years ago in a matter of seconds.

Our systems send comprehensive reports automatically to each of your customers to verify proof of service.

Daelibs reporting tools are used as evidence to protect our customers against litigation and to verify service was carried out in line with contractual and legislative obligations.